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it's a mental loop

Presssures from the world around us have the power to make us feel trapped in our own mind never wanting to leave.

Your own mind is a prison where you feel trapped inside

Don't make your characters someone they're not.  Understand them, and they won't fight back... << Pinning for comment

(People) "lets say that to tear a painting is the kill the person trapped inside it. what if they could reach out and tear the painting themselves to be lost forever?" - I think this is an interesting concept to have of what a piece represents.

This image links to my previous ideas with the mirrors however gave me a new idea for a theme. This image gives the impression the girl is trapped inside the mirror which could represent her feeling trapped and link to issues in life. This gave me the idea of looking into how you can express mental health issues in photographs.

Ghost in the mirror. This image looks really scary and frightening. The use of the dark colours just brings out the fear of this picture.

I wanted to breath. I tried to undue the curse. I'd been on this stupid adventure for nothing! Met my stupid crush, met my stupid mermaid best friend, and now we are both going to stupidly die.

more than extra credit saving people feels like this because it can't be done

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American Horror Story : Freak Show - Affiche Le 8 octobre 2014 sur FX

Sometimes I feel like the real andrea is trapped behind this brick wall, just dying to break free but she can't..

I am not me anymore. That is the simple and plain truth. I am no longer that Dutch student who lived a boring life in the south of Holland. I am an Element of Nature, result of a botched experiment. I am a reanimated corpse.

Alexandr Milov Sculpture From Burning Man 2015 Addresses The Painful Truth About Human Relationships

This sculpture speaks volumes! Alexandr Milov Sculpture From Burning Man 2015 Addresses The Painful Truth About Human Relationships

Yeah i know that its what ive been trying to explain; is that im stuck, trapped, ect. I willingly jumped down a rabbit hole and ended up in a world that i loved at first, but that i now hate so much.

since jon had come back, sophie had played along with his stubborn notions. but he was breaking his own rules, and he refused to admit it. she feared what would happen in the fallout.

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