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You know you're a dancer when...#dancer #problems

real_world_ballerina-Long hallway: Must resist urge to tombe pas de bourree glissade saut de chat! Oh this is so funny and so true!>>so true only I jeté at the end instead of a saut de chat!

Lol just thinking how non dancers would see this and think WHAT. THE. HECK,

You will only understand this if you are a dancer. And yes, thumbs are a PROBLEM in dance, especially ballet. y didnt God just make dancers with 4 fingers would have helped alot

Tips for Improving Pirouettes | Quickly relevé into a strong position and maintain it for the entire pirouette | From #ballet

Here are some great tips for improving pirouettes. Take a look at each one and try to apply these corrections the next time you’re doing a pirouette combination in ballet class. These tips assume you already have a general understanding … Continued