Nikos Troumpoukis

Nikos Troumpoukis

Preveza,Greece / MSc CIVIL ENGINEER
Nikos Troumpoukis
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KEY FACTS Product: Tau Family: Tau Manufacturer: ULTOM ITALIA Designer: Antonio…

TAU is a program designed for executive office. The image it gives, the careful workmanship, valuable materials, accurate details, all of them contribute.

Add an accent to your wall with this large, three-paneled cutout deciduous tree! Wherever you hang it, this wall hanging will complement the room

Tree of Life Wall Art This beautifully crafted and intricately detailed wooden wall hanging will look stunning on any home or office wall. At 4 feet wide when hung, it is sure to command attention.

Turning Template for Semi-Trailer with 40 ft [12.20 m] Wheelbase, (not to scale). Click here to see a PDF of the image. (click in image to s...

Landscape Architecture (Turning Radius of different size (semi) trucks)