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Magic Symbols: Ouroboros (Uroborus), the Circles of Life - Magical Recipes Online

Who is Ouroboros? What's the magical powers of the snake who bites his tail? Read more and find out the origins of this symbol.

Icons of Holy Angels 3

Check out our Bible Illustrated project! [youtube channel] [site] [facebook] [patreon] Holy Angels galleries: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [next 10] Back to Icons of Holy Angels Back to the Main Page Angel Preventing Abraham from Sacrificing Isaac Angel of the Lord Ascension Detail (Theophanes the Cretan) ''For You make your angels the spirits of fiery flame...'' Angel of Theophany The Weeping Angel Miracle in Colossae Angel Mosaic The Angel of God The Angel of the Lord

Св. мъченици Вяра, Надежда, Любов и тяхната майка София • Pravoslavieto.com

През втората половина на първия и в първите десетилетия на втория век в Рим живяла благочестива жена християнка на име София. В своя живот тя оправдала напълно името си "София", което значи "премъдрост". И като съпруга, и като вдовица по-късно, тя водела благоразумен християнски живот, изпълнен с мир, чистота, кротост, покорност на Божията воля.

Likenesses of the soul: EIKON at the Art Gallery of Ballarat

In the 21st century, there is a trend towards art that needs to be “experienced”, as opposed to art that can simply be “seen”. Video artist Bill Viola plays with the shape of time, and only by standing…

Messaggio dell'Angelo del Signore

DURANTE IL TEMPO DELLA MISERICORDIA (Angelo) Santhiago, chiedi agli uomini che non offendono più Dio. e che ritornano sulla via della salvezza prima che il calice della giustizia trabocchi sul mondo. Chiedi loro di ubbidire agli ordini di Dio, poiché colui che vive nell'obbedienza al Signore e confessa i suoi peccati dimorerà nel nascondiglio della protezione dell'Altissimo. (Padre) tutti coloro che camminano nella via di Dio saranno liberi dalla sofferenza negli ultimi giorni? (Angelo) no…

The Passion of the Holy Martyr Sophia and Her Three Daughters Faith, Hope and Love

Saint Sophia and Her Three Daughters Faith, Hope, and Love (Feast Day - September 17) By St. Dimitri of Rostov During the reign of the im...

Arbeiten der Ikonenmalerin Kirsten Voss/Ikonen - Szenenbilder/Kreuzabnahme web 18-2-2008 045

Nr. 10 Kreuzabnahme Jesu mit Erzengel Gabriel. Der Rahmen ist nachtr�glich hinzugef�gt. Diese gro�formatige Arbeit ist auf hochwertiger wasserfester Furnierplatte entstanden, somit gut geeignet f�r die Anbringung in feuchten R�umen, wie es bei kretischen Kapellen oft der Fall ist.