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a male soccer player is celebrating his team's victory
Keepinit Real Sports
This Day In Soccer History: July 5,1982 - Italy’s Paolo Rossi scored three goals to eliminate Brazil, 3-2, in a World Cup second-round match at Barcelona, Spain. Mobile-
two soccer players are celebrating on the field
One of sports greatest ever expressions of the human condition. Marco Tardelli scores for the Azure in the 1982 World Cup. #Azure #Italy #Football #Soccer #Tardelli
two soccer players colliding for the ball in front of an audience at a sporting event
Socrates v Italy '82
three men in black and white striped shirts standing next to each other on a soccer field
Platini + Boniek + Rossi
a poster with a man kicking a soccer ball in it's right hand and the words platini written below
a soccer player is walking on the field in front of an empty stadium full of people
Avevo le Nuvole negli Occhi..
a man bending over in front of a sign that says plat toche on it
Tributo a Platini by Segap
a soccer player running with the ball in his hand and text that reads platoche
a man standing next to a soccer ball on a field
A Football Archive
Michael Platini