Giwrgos Nikolaidhs

Giwrgos Nikolaidhs

Giwrgos Nikolaidhs
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Mason Jar Condiment for BBQ sauces!

Dispenser, Crafted from a genuine Ball mason jar with a dunce-proof lid and plastic pump, this glass mason jar redneck contraption will pump anything from mayonnaise to BBQ sauce, or use it for hand lotion or as a mason jar soap dispenser in the outhouse!

▶ Crete: See for yourself - YouTube

Official Crete Region Promotional Video 2013 Crete offers a huge variety of filming locations: snowy mountains, unspoiled beaches, Venetian ports and ancient monuments.

Outdoor sink

Turn a wine barrel into an outdoor sink, or any other large barrel. Hose to sink or large water jug to sink, sink to barrel, barrel grey water to garden! Raise the barrel and add an outlet drain and small hose to drain grey water.