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"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wonder are lost"
Niki Ch
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Best of PHD Comics :: Bad handwriting | Best of Paper Revisions | Tapastic Comics - image 1

Professors are Doctors too. I remember getting comments from Professors that I had no idea what they meant, spending hours thinking about it, then concluding that they probably won't remember making that comment.

Best of PHD Comics :: Take it out | Best of Paper Revisions - image 1  YUP... God help them if in the defense they ask me to put it all back in >:(

The onion article titles in an essay The Onion’s mock press release about the MagnaSoles shoe inserts satirizes how products are marketed to customers. The article is riddled through with

Today was my first official day of classes that I attend at the actual college (my online classes started already)! It was scary as hell to pull into that parking lot surround my kids that were clo…

thesis writing

Advice to Future PhDs from 2 Unusual Graduating PhDs (Updated). This is great advice for PhDs looking to establish a professional presence either in academia or the commercial world. Things, they are achangin'.