They make me want to gel my hair and wear Ray Bans and Leather Jackets whenever I listen to them...

Band: Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys--------------- alex looks like johnny depp in crybaby.

Alex turner

so at least for today, I'm jumping on the Man Crush Monday bandwagon. how is he even real?

Turner turning 30

In celebration of the Arctic Monkey's debut album turning we've taken a look at the style transformation of frontman Alex Turner. From awkward lad to leading man.

L O V E Alex Turner & Miles Kane #Alexturner #mileskane #tlsp

least now we know they train at the same gym sometimes haha. Who wants to see them dripping?

My personal life ruiner

watching cowboy films, on gloomy afternoons tinting the solitude. I love this song ❤❤❤