This picture represents typical outfits worn by women in Ancient Greece.

Wealthy Greek women with some color. The orange color was made from a saffron dye. Saffron helped with childbirth and cramps for women and was worn for weddings or to bring its healing powers to a woman in life if she wore it.

Women's chitons often have a folded over layer at the top, but you get the idea.  This is a valuable, if often private trick to use in the bog. While it is older than sca period, it's much more in the spirit than a bathrobe or a housedress, can be chucked on almost as quickly, and if you have an old sheet and some pins around, it's free.

firelily: “ Carl Heinrich Stratz - How to put on a Doric chiton Now you know how to dress like an ancient Greek lady ;

Ancient Grecian women wore rectangular shaped tunics that were wrapped around the body called Chitons. Often fabric folded over the belt beneath the bosom. This Chiton resembles a Hellenistic Chiton.

the chiton is a ancient Greek dress worn by both men and women but mostly men. there are two forms of the chiton - the doric chiton and the lonic chiton.