Stoned and Painting a Rock

The most bad-a sniper in history…

The most badass sniper in history…

Funny pictures about The most badass sniper in history. Oh, and cool pics about The most badass sniper in history. Also, The most badass sniper in history.

Italy knows where it's at. Finland....not so much

Police cars around the world

Meanwhile In Finland.haha that's funny. I'm loving the Italy police car. If those were American police cars, I'd become a cop 😜

Don't take life too seriously.

don’t take line to seriously / it’s not like you’re going to get out alive


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Yiayiadesτολμα να θυμωσεις παλι!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha - "what do you mean - you are not hungry!" I would definitely get this reaction

Greek Gateway Greeks love their BIG dinners! Καλή όρεξη!

Greek Gateway - Toronto Businesses, Events, Media, Italians too!