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a large group of people dressed in tuxedos are standing on the staircases
Australian Ballet
a woman doing a dance move in front of a window
the contents of a ballerina outfit are shown
a pair of pink ballet shoes sitting on top of a pillow next to a white wall
there are many different types of shoes in this page, but one is for the ballerinas
a mannequin in a window with sheer curtains
a woman sitting on a couch with grapes in her hand
a ballerina holding flowers in her hand and wearing a tutu with white skirt
a white dress hanging in a window with feathers on the windowsill and chandelier behind it
pink ballet tutu ♡
ballet dancers in white tutus and tiaras on stage with their arms stretched out
The Royal Ballet's Sarah Lamb as the Sugar Plum Fairy and Steven McRae as the Prince in Peter Wright's Nutcracker - Photo by Emma Kauldhar