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Many owls can have the heart shaped face as a sertain feature like this owl. But most owls do not there is one owl type with a heart face no matter what. This owl is the barn owl.

5 simple ingredients ~ ham (with the bone) rosemary, cloves & orange marmalade = a wonderful glazed ham by jules:stonesoup, via Flickr

Rosemary & Marmalade Glazed Ham- - - 1 whole leg of ham on the bone (approx / a small handful cloves 1 jar / orange marmalade sprigs rosemary, leaves picked extra rosemary for decoration, optional

Every night I look up at the freckled sky and fall in love with the universe all over again. I will be counting stars for the rest of my life.

melon combo! It definitely lightens up my day.

A honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon fruit salad is a healthy and refreshing summer treat. With a pH of experts say that melons are also good for the majority of acid reflux suffers.