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an array of dandelions on top of each other
Trees model stock photo. Image of garden, maquette, scale - 29891056
landscape architecture clay model
a model of a city with trees and buildings
Gallery of Botín Center / Renzo Piano - 3
Botín Center / Renzo Piano really like the little trees and water!
some type of object sitting on top of a table
Model trees
four different views of the same object in three different stages, including paper and cardboard
an architectural model of a building in the snow
Exhibition Grounds of the Estonian Road Museum
several metal sculptures sitting on top of a white table
Aoyama Bike Oasis - KATOxVictoria
there are many wires on top of the table
Gallery of In Progress: Green Roof Residence / LIJO RENY architects - 13
LIJO RENY architects _ model trees
two wire sculptures sitting on top of a white counter next to a vase filled with flowers
an owl paper bag sitting on top of a table
Lisa Storms
Teachers Gift bag