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DIY Spinning Top Toy
Learn how to create a spinning top from paper. It's a good way to spend time with your children. Follow for more...
a christmas tree made out of plastic bags on top of a white surface with the words, christmas tree sensory bag
581K views · 988 shares | Your kids can decorate their own Christmas tree in this festive sensory bag activity!!🎄 I love that this activity is super easy to put together, and only takes a few items! Supplies: Gallon ziplock bag Rubbing alcohol (to remove an labeling on bag) Permanent marker Green hair gel Water Rhinestones Tape (to tape bag shut and/or to table) Directions: 1) Remove bag label with rubbing alcohol 2) Draw a tree outline on the outside of the ziplock bag 3) Add green hair gel and a few tablespoons of water 4) Add rhinestone “ornaments” 5) Close bag, seal with tape and/or tape to table 6) Get to decorating! 🎄🎄🎄 ✨Inspo: @crafty.moms (they have so many great sensory bag ideas!!) ➡️➡️FOLLOW @emerald_outlaw for more holiday kid’s activities!!! #christmas #kidschristmas #christmasactivities #christmasactivitiesforkids #christmasactivity #sensoryplay #sensoryplayideas #sensorybag #sensorybags #sensoryplaytolearn #holidayactivities #yaysayers #holidayactivitiesforkids | The YAYsayers✨Oz Family Adventures | Bobby Helms · Jingle Bell Rock