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bibliotheca-sanctus: “ Fonthill Castle Library in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA ”

Yet he is 80 years old - beyond the life span of the average male.

alekaa: jiffysquid: dreamscanmakeusreal: wolfsblood: -frankabagnale:idea-obscura Woody Allen in “Annie Hall,”

This is a library where the books don't just sit on the shelves, the books are read and enjoyed.

rolledawaytoanoisyoblivion: “ The Prodigal Spy, Etc. (by Églantine) ”

If we painted a winter in that nook behind the workout area, we could totally do a cute bench like this surrounded by books!

I'd never leave my house if it had this reading nook! [ "I'd never leave my house if it had this reading nook! [ \"Cozy window seat surrounded by shelves.

22 Bookshelf Ideas That Will Please Every Type of Reader

Home library inspiration: This stunning floor-to-ceiling bookshelf has its own balcony, and the giant window on the adjacent wall lets in tons of natural light.

Demons inside you                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I& on a highway to Hell : Photo

A library/study full of beautiful collectibles

A very English library and study in an century English country home. Filled with many wonderful things that make this a fascinating, yet warm room.

a lounge, a welcome hearth and books... "Please put me in the corner"!  lol

Spend a winter's evening lounging on the leather chaise with a good book, a beverage and a fire in the fireplace. My kind of place. So very cozy and English!

Imagine having this view while kicking back with a book and tea - dreamy

We love everything about this window-filled corner, not to mention the view. The picture window maximizes the view, while the double-hungs give ventilation. We also love the low built-in book cases that have function as window seats.

I like the window seat

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