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Nikos Alexandrakis
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Sólo tu..por quien mi corazón late..pensandote en todo mi día y noche..como te fue?..mereces ahora descansar, así que a dormir! Para vernos en nuestro sueño...un beso despacito y muy dulce ..sólo para ti..dulces sueños baby!

YOU are everything to me. MY PROMISE TO YOU: I will always put your needs and wants ahead of mine and will never waver in my position. I will NEVER be selfish!

Well goodnight my love!! It was so nice seeing you today... that will get me past the silence of the evening!! I love you and I hope you sleep well and I see you again in my dreams!! I love you endlessly!!!

As you fall asleep tonight, imagine that you feel my hand slip into yours; our fingers Ireland so that we can room together in dreams. Love transcends the distance between us, for your heart is always close to mine.

Moments With You More

Moments with you, that's when I wish I could stop time. No, that's when time stops and the problems of the world disappear.

Being With You Is What I Call Happiness More

Everyday that passes and I wake up next to you shows me that God answered my prayers to bring our family back together. I love you so much Ryan, life without you would be miserable.

Making a promise is an act of true love that really shows how far you’ll go to make your love shine bright. Here’s a list of 10 beautiful and heartfelt love promise quotes that could help you express and commit to a life of love and happiness.

When you're in love you want to do everything to make your lover happy. But love is about keeping your promises, like these 10 truthful love promise quotes.