Madrhiggs will be like a butterfly… (The butterfly effect of Edward Norton Lorenz) They can escape from the palm of your hand with a light flutter.

laura zalenga photography

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description laura zalenga - a good reminder that photography is essentially photographing light


An example of bruised and swollen lips. I think I would like to have a swollen lip for my project.

Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia March 2016 Couture Supplement - Valentino

sornmag: “ Julie Hoomans & Julia Fleming captured by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, March Styling by Robbie Spencer. Hair by Shon, Makeup byMarie Duhart, Manicure by Hiro Takabayashi ”

Lenny McLean was one of the deadliest bare-knuckle fighters Britain has ever seen

Cockney legend Lenny McLean was one of the deadliest bare knuckle fighters in England he was also THAT geezer in the film Lock Stock.sadly Lenny passed just before the film was released from the Big C.

trouble flou ж blur with gerhard richter / german visual artist and one of the pioneers of the new european painting that has emerged in the second half of the twentieth century

U.F.O Girl by TALONABRAXAS. S | Image brought to you courtesy of

use this a refernece when creating the beam light Ufo in all it's mystery, where will it all end! Yup, I'm one of thoses nuts.

Pina Bausch / Danzon

Danzón ( Pina Bausch) Set Design Peter Pabst/music from America and Japan Premiere May 1995