The guy from trainspotting and the guy from guy is an awesome actor who gave a great performance as a Jedi Master in the prequel, the other single handily (see what i did there) KILLED THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE

Star Destroyer Origami

ianbrooks: “ Star Warsigami by Martin Hunt A long time ago in a cubicle far, far away… Martin Hunt took foil and other assorted paper products and folded them into miniature Star Destroyers, Speeder.

Star Wars IV

Starwars - Tantive IV (Darth Vader a composite from Starwars A New Hope, Stormtrooper model by JJ Palamo).

Star Wars Rogue One poster artwork

With the announcement of a new "Star Wars" spin-off, I wanted to make a fan poster. I wanted to make it simple and incorporate obvious aspects, ie a fig. Star Wars: Rogue One Fan Poster

Tie Fighter pilot ejects before crash #SWvsWWII

This is a Photoshopped picture that I found on the net. I modified it by correcting the scale of the pilot, removing the canopy, and adding the Tie-Fighter hatch.

Christian Piccolo Concept Design Star Wars Vehicles

ArtStation - Star Wars The Old Republic- Sith Fighter Process Breakdown, Christian Piccolo

Princess Leia - Star Wars

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan frame it and put it on display on the hallway to the living room 💘🌈