Nina Chatzidimitriou

Nina Chatzidimitriou

Nina Chatzidimitriou
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Whipped Sleepytime Rub

Whipped Sleepytime Rub- cups of Cocoa Butter cups of coconut oil 20 drops of therapeutic grade Lavender 12 drops of Balance “grounding” blend 10 drops of Frankincense Add coconut oil and cacao butter to a small pan and simmer till melted. Let rest

Nail art Stylight dress blue gradient lines

Pretty Painted Fingers & Toes Nail Polish Serafini Amelia Love this gradient blue stripe mani from Liloo

Lemon Drop Ingredients 60ml vodka 30ml freshly squeezed lemon juice 1-2 teaspoons powdered/castor sugar

Thanks to the festive season you& be hosting (or attending) quite a few parties. But instead of serving same ol& drinks with your lavish dinners and luncheons, try these exotic vodka cocktails