Katherine Filippou

Katherine Filippou

Katherine Filippou
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Form and Function

Fill empty kitchen walls w/ cooking essentials - pots, pans, baking supplies & utensils make great wall art when hung in multiples

Set Up a Kitchen Pantry

Cleverly outfitted, an old armoire can become a storage-rich kitchen pantry. Repaint the cabinet to match your kitchen decor then, when dry, line the inside of the doors with metal and cork inserts or coat one door's interior with chalkboard paint.

Fabulous Storage Footboard

Fabulous storage footboard: Turn a low shelving unit into a footboard that provides a spot to sit down as well as a place to stash stuff. Stock the shelves with matching baskets to keep books and blankets neatly tucked away.

Suitcase Side Table

Suitcase Side Table: Search flea markets and estate sales for three suitcases in graduated sizes. Measure and cut a base from plywood to accommodate your largest case. Screw wooden furniture legs onto the base and paint.