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Galia Lahav 2017 Wedding Dresses /

Look at those gold heels! Tailored and short high-low dress with a very voluminous skirt, made of light Orange blossom sheer brocade with touches of gold and a circular hem. A new approach to wedding gowns.

30-Day HIIT Challenge - Skinny Ms.

Take your workout to a whole new level with this HIIT challenge meant to give you a total-body head-to-toe transformation!

Psoas Muscle - Why It's the Most Vital Muscle In Your Body

The psoas muscle may be the most important muscle in your body. Read on to find out whether you might have a psoas muscle imbalance, and how to correct it.

The Squat: Should Your Knees Travel Past the Toes? | Stone Athletic Medicine

Should the knees migrate past the toes when performing a squat? I posted this question on social media, and the immediate response by most was “No! I expected this answer from most everyone, from.