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Before you paint, take a look at this color chart. It just might make you think twice.

I have photos of my son's wedding taken inside an old church in NJ. All around my dil veil are silver and grey orbs. They are not dust particles. Here is the chart which is interesting. The color and meanings of orbs.

Ideas for Interior Sliding Doors - A&D BLOG...this I like! Maybe the living room? No possibility of slamming doors...

modern home decor -- we would LOVE a wood sliding door. Sliding doors like these ones can really save space in rooms. These are some of the coolest sliding doors we've ever seen - they even added a coat hook!

The latest #office design craze? Hot desking. As #cloud computing and wireless Internet become ubiquitous, workers are cordless. Who needs a cube, much less an office? Cool idea!

A concept called "hot desking" is rewriting the rules on how companies should landscape their work environments. By ditching desks and dividers, the hot-desking faithful make the entire office--and more--their workspace.

Doble Table

42 Pieces of Productive Office Furniture