Nikos Karalakis

Nikos Karalakis

Ierapetra, Crete / Είμαι ένας απλός άνθρωπος, που μου αρέσει πολύ η Μουσική...κυνηγάω τους στόχους μου και ο,τι αγαπάω πραγματικά!! Κάνε ο,τι αγαπάς πραγματικότητα!! :)
Nikos Karalakis
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Jack Peñate - Pull My Heart Away . I like 'em all even melody or mv or lyrics or any compositions .well, Jack Peñate got my attention already ;

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

"Trinity College Library, Dublin - the smell of old books is amazing : )" Is there anything as beautiful as a library? And just think, at this point if you started reading that library, you would not live to finish it. At least, not at my speed.