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flowers are hanging from the side of a building, and in different stages of blooming
Weep Begonia
a garden path made out of bricks and stones
IMA Instructor Carol Bevilacqua's Installation Accepted Into MAI Exhibit!! — Institute of Mosaic Art
IMA Instructor Carol Bevilacqua's Installation Accepted Into MAI Exhibit!!
a stone path with blue flowers growing on it and benches in the backround
Photo of Veronica liwanensis landscape by Plant Select®
a garden filled with lots of colorful flowers
15 Cottage Gardens That Are Full Of Charm
8 charming cottage garden ideas in pictures | Homes To Love
a garden filled with lots of flowers next to a small white house in the background
My Garden Plans & Planting Schedule 2020 — Under A Tin Roof™
yellow roses are growing on the side of a white fence
15 Little Known New England Towns Everyone Must Visit At Least Once
15 Best Hidden New England Small Towns
a garden filled with lots of pink and purple tulips next to a brick walkway
a wooden gate with pink flowers growing on it's sides and an arch over the entrance
'Sconset Gate, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Sconset Gate, Nantucket, Massachusetts | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a woman holding flowers in her hands while standing in the middle of a flower field
Jump start spring by starting these flower seeds now - Floret Flowers
Digitalis/Foxglove: In our shop you’ll find my two favorite’s Camelot Cream and Dalmation Peach which are both first year flowering varieties, which and unlike the biennial types, will bloom without any cold so can be grown as an annual. Like snapdragons, foxglove seeds are tiny and can be easily washed away by blasts of water (see yesterday’s post for more about that) so be sure to plant in pre-moistened seed starting or potting mix or bottom water to protect this precious seed.
a vegetable garden with lots of plants growing in it