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a man and woman are dancing in front of some bushes with their hands out to each other
tWitch and Allison dance to "Boogie Shoes" by K.C. and Sunshine Band
soldier in the front begun to sing but never thought his friends would do this next amazing
Soldier In The Front Began To Sing. But I NEVER Thought His Friends Would Do THIS Next! Amazing!
a bald man singing into a microphone with the words, i've heard this 1940 song uncountable times, but when he sang it
I’ve Heard THIS 1964 Song Uncountable Times. But When HE Sang It THIS Way, It’s - WWJD
a man with long hair and a beard wearing a cowboy hat looking off into the distance
Chris Stapleton - Whiskey and You
Chris Stapleton - Whiskey and You - YouTube
Old Lady Dancing, Couple Dance Videos, Nail Psoriasis
Charlie & Jackie's classic dance: AmazingPandph
a white cat on top of a building in the rain with an umbrella above it
Hi-Fructose Vol. 51 Preview! - Hi-Fructose Magazine
Hi-Fructose Vol. 51 Preview! | Hi-Fructose Magazine
a magazine cover with a cat on it's back and the words churn written in
A Kindred Spirit
(via Victorian Cat - Daniel Merriam | Very Victorian ♥♥)
two white cups filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows in the shape of animals
a black and white photo with the words boss why are you late? me someone told me to go to hell i couldn't find it at first but now i'm here
62 Relatable Work Memes That You Can Procrastinate With