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Dango from Japan - Japanese rice desserts with different varieties in different cities. Japanese Dishes, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Food, Bento Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Rice Desserts, Good Food, Yummy Food, Asian Recipes

もちもち♪豆腐入りみたらし団子 by まゃたん

「もちもち♪豆腐入りみたらし団子」の作り方。お豆腐を入れてもちもちなお団子です。お子さんのおやつにも良いですよ^^ 材料:絹ごし豆腐、上新粉、●お砂糖..

Taiyaki is a unique and famous fish-shaped dessert from Japan. In Japan there are a lot of taiyaki vendors. Actually taiyaki is similar to American. Japanese Snacks, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Food, Japanese Recipes, Cute Food, Yummy Food, Cute Desserts, Cupcakes, Fish Shapes


 This is lovely packaging PD Japanese Plum, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Design, Japanese Food, Cake Packaging, Packaging Design, Matcha, Sugar Cookie Cakes, Kawaii Dessert

料理写真 : 桃林堂 青山店 (とうりんどう)[食べログ]

桃林堂 青山店/とうりんどう (表参道/和菓子)の投稿された料理写真です。

Start with a store-bought sponge cake then decorate! Whipped cream, white chocolate curls and strawberries. From Japanese Chocolate maker- Meiji Japanese Christmas Cake, Japanese Chocolate, Japanese Cake, Kawaii Dessert, Sponge Cake Recipes, Food Humor, Food Gifts, Cakes And More, Christmas Baking

サンタクロースのショートケーキの作り方|手作りチョコレシピ|株式会社 明治


Gyeongdan (오색 찹쌀경단) - Korean glutinous rice cake balls (recipe in Korean) Korean Dessert, Korean Rice Cake, Korean Sweets, Korean Food, Korean Bun, Thai Dessert, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Wagashi, Japanese Candy

오색 찹쌀경단 - 베이킹스쿨(교훈:배워서남주자)

홈베이킹스쿨, 제과제빵레시피, 제과제빵커뮤니티, 제과제빵쇼핑몰

Japanese sweets, Saoshigure with matcha, sweet azuki beans and white bean paste 棹時雨 Japanese Cake, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Wagashi, Japanese Food, Green Tea Ice Cream, Green Tea Recipes, Cupcakes, Asian Desserts, Chocolate Desserts

炎暑に向かって   手作り和菓子 水無月・棹時雨・木かげ | ふつうのコト

各地で早くも猛暑が報じられていますね。 札幌はというと、ほどの良い暑さというか涼しさで、ちょっと申し訳ないくらいなのですが。 暑さはこれからが本番、炎...

Japanese green tea matcha matcha parfait Love Sushi Moorpark, Best Japanese Cuisine in Moorpark Tea Recipes, Real Food Recipes, Sushi Recipes, Japanese Green Tea Matcha, Cute Food, Yummy Food, Matcha Tea Powder, Green Tea Ice Cream, Japanese Sweets

Matcha Parfait

@ Narita airport The last one >.< and the one that didn't tasted that good ...The best one that i ate was a matcha parfait that had fruit , some mochi and azuki ... but i didn't took a photo :( This one had to much mochi and the wipped cream was really bad , i can't explain but had a taste of food that is just pretty and it isn't tasty :(

Us - Matcha Goma Mousse Cake (Green Tea-Black Sesame Mousse Cake) For a special anniversary, a Japanese inspired dessert.For a special anniversary, a Japanese inspired dessert. Asian Desserts, Just Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Gourmet Desserts, Plated Desserts, Cake Recipes, Superfood, Matcha Cake, Matcha Mousse Cake Recipe

Green Tea-Black Sesame Mousse Cake

For a special anniversary, a Japanese inspired dessert.

Japanese Miratashi Dango - rice dough dumplings with sweet-salty sauce. Can be made gluten free with La Choy soy sauce. - Just Hungry Japanese Dishes, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Rice, Gluten Free Japanese Food, Dango Recipe, Vegetarian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Sweet And Salty, International Recipes

Mitarashi dango, rice dough dumplings with sweet-salty sauce

Even if I am Japanese, I don't like all Japanese food. And I must confess that I don't like a lot of traditional Japanese sweets that are based on sweetened beans. For the most part they are way too sweet for me, and if I make them for myself I'm always adjusting the sweetness level, as with my ohagi or botamochi. Mitarashi dango, however, are my absolute favorite traditional sweet. They are not really that sweet really - that shiny caramel colored sauce (which is called mitarashi sauce) is…