Irish Knots, Celtic Inspiration & Quilt Ideas

These may not all be true Celtic ot Irish quilt work but most have that inspiration.
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a black and white photo with a knot on it
Celtic Knot for Sisterhood 2
a black and white image of an intricate knot in the shape of a ball on a white background
How to Make a Celtic Knot
an ironing board with blue and white designs on it next to a sprayer
Making a Celtic Quilt – “Basting” the Appliqué Design
an orange and white circular design on a black background
Free quilt block: Celtic look
an image of a cross made out of colored thread on a white sheet with the word love written in it
Quilled Celtic Knot: Lesley & Brian Davies
the celtic symbol for love and affection
a black and white image of an intricate design in the shape of a star,
Celtic Knot Circle