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Kindergarten Corps: Kindergarten and First Grade Writing : Phonics

Freebie Anchor Chart for Vowel Pairs, Vowel Diphthongs, Vowel Digraphs. Great for emergent readers still learning to decode big words.

Long Vowel Sounds Spelling Patterns FREE poster!

Many of my first and second friends are now working with long vowel sounds. Those vowels can be so tricky as sometimes the vowel says a…

hard and soft g anchor chart - a nice reference for the kiddos! www.teacherspayte...

soft and hard g The soft and hard "g" sound can be confusing for students when writing. Often they mix up the soft "g" with the letter "j". This product focuses on distinguishing between the soft and hard g sound.

There are so many phonics rules! It’s really amazing that most of our little ones are able to break the code and become fluent readers. After students learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet, we kind of rock their world a bit by teaching them that certain letters can have different sounds depending on …

Teach Your Child to Read - Vowel sounds of Y FREE poster! - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.