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a person is using a spoon to mix up ingredients in a container on the counter
mini silkscreen tutorial from "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine
a person using a paint brush to decorate a tray
DIY Screen Printing with Mod Podge (Easy!)
How to screen print with Mod Podge.
a man standing in front of a large piece of art
Nadia Husiak and Jason Cesani of Printink Studio - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
an abstract painting with blue, red and black shapes
eytys: Alexander Calder, Stones. Mehr
an art piece with wooden planks hanging on a clothes line, in black and white
Typography, Posters, Typographic, Type Inspiration, and Graphic Design image inspiration on Designspiration
Wood grain poster print
a drawing of people walking down a sidewalk in front of trees and buildings, with one person holding an umbrella
artist-vuillard: “ The Avenue by Edouard Vuillard Size: 33.3x44.9 cm”
an abstract painting with black and white images in the center, on a beige background
Fruit Bowl
Fruit Bowl by Rosemary Vanns
a drawing of a teapot and bowl on a table with an orange vase in the background
Spotted Jug
Rosemary Vanns - "Spotted Jug", Screenprint Image Size 33.5cm x 29cm, Edition edition of 13
a black and white drawing of a tiger laying down
Fine Little Day | Play & Crafts Since 2007 | Scandinavian home decor
a painting of a woman's face with long blonde hair and light blue eyes
Alex Katz - Sarah
Sarah | From a unique collection of figurative prints at
a painting of a woman in a white dress pointing at something on a black background
Alex Katz - Sarah Alex Katz silkscreen portrait
Sarah | From a unique collection of figurative prints at
an altered photograph of a city with tall buildings
valery koshlyakov
Valery Koshlyakov
a woman in an apron is painting on a table with colorful circles and dots around her
Tengo ganas de un taller así
a bed with pink and green pillows in a bedroom next to a painting on the wall
Leah Bartholomew painting
a woman is standing in front of a large painting with an alligator head on it
Warhol, Basquiat, Clemente in der Bundeskunsthalle
Andy Warhol und Jean-Michel Basquiat
an apple and two cherries on a white background with blueberries in the foreground
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Susan Driscoll surface pattern design
someone holding a bottle of baby oil in their hand
Screen Printing Using the Baby Oil Technique, Step-by-Step Notes & Photos
How to screen print using the baby oil and photo emulsion. Photos & notes from the process.
an abstract painting with black, white and tan colors on the wall next to a bridge
a woman is working on an art project
georginabolton: paper screen-printing-designs and developments
an image of a black monster on a blue background
Sato Kanae
Daniela Gregis bag Patchwork, Kleding, Eco Bag, Textiles, Taschen, Vetements, Big Bags, Fabric Design, Print
Daniela Gregis bag
a person holding up a piece of paper with drawings on it
Screen printing the extra colors for Synergastirion manuals. #silkscreen
Screen printing the extra colors for Synergastirion manuals. #silkscreen
three paper cutouts of cats on a white background, one is black and the other is yellow
Cat Vinyl Sticker Pack
Cat Vinyl Sticker Pack | The Printed Peanut
a yellow cheetah sitting on top of a pink background with the words amur leopard
Leopard lovin today. ❤️ #endangered #earthday #bigcat #savetheplanet #leopard #only70left
an abstract painting with blue, red, yellow and orange shapes on white paper that reads roche
Ren� Roche, L'oeuvre peinture et sculpture
Rene Roche monographie
a blue and yellow fabric with flowers on it
Nani IRO Fuukei in Linen Japanese Imported Fabric Half | Etsy
nani IRO Fuukei in Linen - Japanese Imported Fabric - Half Yard
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Paul Aizpiri flowers
a white desk topped with pictures next to a wall hanging on the side of it
DIY Home Projects
a bird sitting on top of a man's head in front of a blue background
Male with Bird on Head, Andy Warhol, Circa 1950's #andywarhol
a yellow tent sitting in the middle of a forest under a night sky filled with stars
This artwork shows the tent as the focal point. The artist used more vibrant colors for the tent.
two cards with abstract designs on them sitting on top of a gray surface next to each other
postcard : natashadurley
two hands holding up a piece of paper with pink and blue designs on it, against a blue sky
Maëlle Doliveux
risograph comic ‘X’
a drawing of a frog sitting on top of a piece of red paper with black ink
Gisela Neumann
two women working in a record shop with records on the shelves and tapes hanging up behind them
An archival image of Florence Broadhurst in her original screenprinting studio
a blue and white painting sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a red chair
ATP Atelier | Official Site
a painting on the wall in a room with other art work and office supplies around it
Jasmin Dwyer | Printmaking
a blue and white drawing of trees, buildings and water
Central Park By Bella Foster
an abstract painting with blue, orange and white colors on it's paper background
Suzanne Antonelli: Print and Textile Designer
prints-by-suzanne-antonelli-04 #geometric #graphic #pattern
an abstract painting with blue and pink circles
Charlotte Cornish, Artist
Striking a Balance, [2013,]Charlotte Cornish, silkscreen on paper, 70 x 100 cm., Cambridge, UK. Each colour layer painted separately and made into a screen.
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
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sophie smallhorn, eight prints eight prints, silkscreen 400 x 400mm
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and white shapes on a white wall behind it
5 minutes 4 health
jessica bellart
a blue and white painting is on the wall
mayaA-Albert Irvin (U.K.) example
four different shots of the inside of a swimming pool
mária švarbová (The Jealous Curator)
mária švarbová
three different types of skis are shown in this image, one is red and the other is white
36 Pages
A Long piece of String, by William Wondriska was originally created in 1963 and has been just republished
two paintings with different colors and shapes on them
Books - Palefroi
three different colored paintings on white paper with black and red writing in the middle one has a banana, another has an orange bird
Santiago ! - Palefroi
Palefroi is an art project and a screen print studio run by Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff producing limited edition art prints, posters, artist books and zines. Located in Berlin.
an open book with different colored images on the pages and one is black, white, orange, yellow and red
Cover to Cover: Exploring the Art and Craft of Book Design | Book Cover Reviews, Recommendations and Artistic Techniques
Alison Worman sketchbook pages
two paintings with different colors and patterns on them, one is orange and the other is pink
Santiago ! - Palefroi
Screen printed book by Marion Jdanoff 17 x 24,5 cm 30 pages + cover 21 colors Edition of 62 Jan. 2013 Palefroi
an abstract painting with red and white colors
http://UpCycle.Club UpCycle Art & Life #HistoryProject Damien Tran @upcycleclub
an abstract painting in pink and white with black lines on the bottom half of it
Christopher Wool - Artists
Christopher Wool Untitled, 2005 Silkscreen ink on linen 104 X 78 inches (264.16 X 198.12 cm)
an abstract black and white painting with curves
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Victor Pasmore
a drawing of a large red flower with leaves on it's center and bottom
an abstract painting with red and pink shapes
K Fine Art - Patrick Heron
Patrick Heron