Flea market cycling. Original watercolour & by PhaedraCrespiShop

Athens Flea Market, Cycling Art, Original Watercolor & Ink Painting, City Architecture Art, Urban Landscape Art, Athens Cityscape, Wall Art

Athens Voice Cover. Fragmented Reallities II. by PhaedraCrespiShop

Industrial City Art Print, Dreamy Artwork, Industrial Cranes, Limited edition Giclee print, Architecture Art, Modern Wall Print, Wall Decor

ATHENS VOICE COVER, FRAGMENTED REALITIES II: A signed limited edition giclee print by architect & illustrator Phaedra Crespi. This illustration was used as the cover page for the Athens Voice magazine in March 2016 ( in a slightly darker tone of blue).

Custom wedding illustrations with pets. by PhaedraCrespiShop

Custom Wedding Illustrations with Pets, Personalized Couple Portraits with Pets, Wedding Portraits, Wedding Gift, Custom Cartoon Portraits

Custom wedding illustrations with pets. by PhaedraCrespiShop

Ham Ham Ham. Limited edition digital print by PhaedraCrespiShop

Nursery Art, Kids Room Decoration, Labrador Art Print, Nursery Decor, Limited Edition Giclee Print, Kids Room Art, Children's Art Print

Limited edition digital print by PhaedraCrespiShop

Love squared. Cartoon-like portraits. Limited by PhaedraCrespiShop

Couple Love Print, Humorous Portraits, Limited Edition Giclee Print, Dogs Illustration, Wedding gift, Custom family portraits with dogs

Limited edition art prints of Size cm. by PhaedraCrespiShop on Etsy

Strolling in Athens. Limited edition art by PhaedraCrespiShop

Architectural Giclee Print, Athens Illustration, Cycling Art, Cityscape of Athens Art, Limited Edition Giclee Print from Watercolor Painting

Fragmented Reallities I. Limited edition by PhaedraCrespiShop

Industrial Cityscape Art Print, Surreal Art Print, Thessaloniki Architectural Print, Cranes Art, Loft Decor, Limited Edition Giclee Print