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Codebender on a Chromebook connected to an Arduino project.

Codebender is an online development tool for Arduino. It currently supports 82 Arduino compatible boards, and from today it also runs on Chromebooks.


The Complete Vienna Startup City Guide [Updated]

Education shield

Education shield

Qduino Mini

Qtechknow Team is raising funds for Qduino Mini: Arduino Compatible + Battery Charger & Monitor on Kickstarter! The Qduino Mini is the first tiny Arduino compatible that has a built-in battery charger & fuel gauge


Here you can find the documentation for our free theme, Hermoso.

Baxter Research Prototype Robot

If it weren’t for linear actuators in robotics, we would not have the thriving, exciting and fast evolving world of technology that we are enjoying today.

LightUp: Learn by Making

LightUp is raising funds for LightUp: Learn by Making on Kickstarter! Kids learn electronics by building projects: combines electronic building blocks with the first-ever augmented reality tutor app.

Make: Motor Shield V1.1

The Make: Motor Shield makes it easy to add movement and control to your projects. This shield allows you to drive 4 DC motors up to each, 2 stepper motors, or 6 servos using the Arduino.

Arduino Uno Revision 3

Arduino is an amazing tool for physical computing — it's an open source microcontroller board, plus a free software development environment.

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The Mom Test Book by Rob Fitzpatrick