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My mermaid scale tattoo! LOVE it!!

Absolutely in love with this - simple yet beautiful dreamcatcher / can be shaped as a bow and arrow

Family Dog

54 Sister Tattoos That Prove She's Your Best Friend in the World

70 Pretty Behind the Ear Tattoos

Small Dandelion Tattoo Behind The Ear.

I'm lucky to call my sister my very best friend. We have always been close, but now that we are older and she doesn't rat me out to our parents and harass my friends on Myspace, our bond is stronger than ever. The older we get, the closer we get, and the luckier I realize I am to have someone like h...

Bohemian tattoo More

It is important to get a little exercise during the day, this is of course most important if your job is sitting most of the time in for example an office.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes Recipe! Homemade Candy Cupcakes for an easy dessert recipe!

Things to do when you're feeling down