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Medic, magician or spy?: Henry Gillard Glindoni’s painting of the mysterious John Dee: the man who spoke to angels

Tourists watch high waves of Pacific Ocean pounding the coast in Vina del Mar city

Bridge to the gate in Methoni Venetian Fortress in the Peloponnese, Messenia, Greece

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Survival Units, luxury condos for surviving the apocalypse The units in Kansas can withstand a direct nuclear hit – and sustain their occupants for five years underground

seven horses of the queen’s household cavalry lie dead or dying after the IRA detonated a nail bomb while soldiers were riding to buckingham palace to take part in the changing of the guard ceremony, hyde park,

WATCH: Cicada Time-Lapse Video Will Make You Cry, you've GOT to watch this video about the 17 year brood that's on the way--by Samuel Orr. He's got a Kickstarter campaign in progress to fully develop the "Return of the Cicadas"

The lethal pogrom of September 1955 delivered a fatal blow to the Greek community and Hellenism of Constantinople in seven hours. Well planned (for so

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