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The Flemish Giant It’s a rabbit. More importantly: It’s a dog-sized rabbit. The Flemish giant is a domesticated rabbit breed centric to the Flemish region. Originally bred as century pets, the Flemish giant can reach weights of 28 pounds.

Homeless animals are being needlessly euthanized at an incredible rate. Praise the passing of a law that might put high-kill shelters out of business.

Sandy City, Utah has officially banned the use of gas chambers as a form of euthanasia for animals. Praise the city council for its unanimous decision to ban gas chamber euthanasia and implement more humane practices.

These animals are taunted & screamed at ALL DAY LONG. It breaks their souls. All for self entitled individuals who have no feelings for the captives or empathy for the hellish "life" they're forced to endure.

Justice For Harambe! Charge the dumb mother that left her child unsupervised on zoo premises!

Is this true

This is Geist. He was shot to death in his own backyard by a cop. He was NOT aggressive in any way. He was barking in his yard, just as my dogs would do!

Thank you for saving the bunnies/ people who care for pets

A Belarussian man carries rabbits through knee-high water in the flooded village of Novy Sverzhan, 85 km southwest of Minsk on March Around 150 houses were flooded as the river Nyoman burst its springtime banks.

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