Street art sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin . Called Politicians discussing global warming

This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.” This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.

Outline | Brigitte Kowanz. Light art installation

Nice use of lights used for decoration, looks like scafolding. I also like how its discrete and not all over the place. Its using this jagged flowing motion from the pattern used.

Salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

Intricate salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

MOTOI YAMAMOTO, FLOATING GARDEN: rooms filled with the craziest salt installations. some videos of the process at source link. I know I've already pinned some of his art, but its just so cool.

Antony Gormley

Steel block sculpture, stacked and propped with an architectural approach to construction // Prop II, Antony Gormley

Tomas Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno, Galaxy Forming along Filaments, like Droplets along the Stands of a Spider's Web , Biennale di Venecia,

1500 Giant Raindrops

1500 Giant Raindrops Hang Magically in Mid-Air

1500 Giant Raindrops - by Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (April Photo by Stefan Altenburger

installation by james turell .

James Turrell, Alta (White), 1967 James Turrell (born May is an American artist primarily concerned with light and space. Turrell was a MacArthur Fellow in Turrell is best known for …

Cai Guo-Qiang installation" "Head On"

Surreal image: 99 wild animals drinking from a pool

artist Cai Guo-Qiang installation" "Head On" includes 99 life-size sculptures of wolves flying Bad ass!

Art installation

Urs Fischer You 2007 Excavation, gallery space, scale replica of main gallery space Dimensions variable

cornelia parker

Cornelia Parker- born in an English sculptor and installation artist that engages in intervention of site-specific art. Parker is be.

Cai Guo-Qiang: Head On (2006). Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, Germany. Photo by Hiro Ihara and Mathias Schormann

cai guo qiang 'head on' installation consisting of 99 life sized replicas of wolves and glass walls wolves: gauze, resin and painted commissioned by deutsche bank at deutsche guggenheim, berlin, 2006 photo by hiro ihara courtesy cai studio

What a strange sculpture! I like it because it I think it conveys a strong feeling, one of despair and hopelessness at having to go to work.

This world is full of strange things. The strange things comes to statues too. Interesting and amazing statues throughout the world, some strange, some funny.

for the record

MAURIZIO CATTELAN, Untitled The horse that jumped and whose head disappears into the wall and is immortalized in this absurd jump which reverse the convention of the animal's head as an hunting trophy.

Alan Belcher

Years of Talent" at Marianne Boesky (Contemporary Art Daily)