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Stevonnie Fusions | Pearl/Garnet Fusion | Rose Fusions [1][2] Lapis Fusions [1] Gemsonas [1][2][3][COMP][Size Chart] Gemsonas in SU [1][2] Fanart of my Gemsonas From Left to Right Hauyne...

Lapis Steven fusion<< Ya know, I actually really like this one! Steven Universe Fan Fusions, Steven Universe Lapis, Gem Fusions, Chibi, Me Anime, Lapidot, Universe Art, Fanart, Cosplay

Saiyan The Pan Trash Can

icatciaccolatita: “Okay so I asked myself “What if Lapis and Steven fused?” and BOOM this super cute happy character happened and This design is SO rough, I know, but I love her already~ Refs n...

Compilation of recent Steven Universe Sketchbook sketch requests! Cartoon Network, We Bare Bears, Universe Art, Force Of Evil, Fantasy, Lapis Lazuli, Art Reference, Cool Art, Sketches

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