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All the pretty things you can make with greek ceramic beads, silk and cotton cords and all the quality craft supplies brought to you by O and N.
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Ceramic Bead Layered Bracelet at

Ceramic Bead Layered Bracelet and an O and N Craft Supplies Giveaway - Happy Hour Projects

O & N craft supplies: Fringed greek chic leather necklace tutorial.

I am very excited because we have a new superb material in the shop: greek leather cord!

o & n craft supplies: Multi strand summer bracelet - pink and beige

This beautiful, easy to make bracelet combines different kinds of silk cords , a cotton cord and a linen cord adorned with a few tube.

An idea for a quick and stylish cord neclace by O & N craft supplies.

An idea for a quick and stylish cord neclace by O & N craft supplies.

o & n craft supplies: Three cord statement necklace

A secret to make a piece of jewelry more interesting is to mix different textures and that 's what I did for this statement necklace.

o & n craft supplies: Nautical necklace in 5 minutes

Nautical style is an all time classic for summer. This is a five minute tutorial for a nautical necklace.

o & n craft supplies: Craft supplies exchange program

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial Exchange Oppontunity (O and N Supplies) This tutorial opportunity is open worldwide. Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, April

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