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Everything you need for your writing center.
Fun With Firsties, 1 2 3 magic, behaviour management
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Simple Anti-Gravity Water Experiment for Kids
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Come Together Kids: "Elephant Toothpaste" Foaming Science Experiment
Fun kids' science ex
6th Grade Science Experiments
Engage in some messy science fun with your child while outdoors is still warm enough. This makes a BIG mess that can be contained easily. Loads of learning make it worth it.
Decorate your classroom walls with a full-sized bulletin board set that helps students become better writers. The Writing Process Bulletin Board Set features a colorful writing process chart. Each of the 6 steps listed on the chart are shown, broken down to more detailed ideas, on their own die-cut pieces. The bright, eye-catching colors and kid friendly design are sure to grab children's attention. 7 pieces total. Picture above may not represent a full set.
Irregular shape task cards.  Perfect for 6th grade math! Would have to make these, but more fun than just doing the same thing over and over again. Could be differentiated easily without students knowing (numbering on the backs) trade with another student who has the same number as you on the back (then maybe find the next number higher for another trade).