Lego shadowbox.

Wonderful shadow box cut-out filled with minfigs. This is a good idea for a DIY Lego storage container.

paniers that can fit in a shoulder bag while your bike is locked up outdoors

Nice use of material - Bike Messenger Pack

Burton Tinder Backpack - Big Spruce Triple Ripstop

Product Description: Vintage rucksack styling plus minimalist tech function is the top line summary of the Burton Tinder Pack.

Solid Brass Studio Tape Dispensers | CB2

Inspired by the California creative community and their unique blend of live/work, x Fred Segal brings you a luxe accessory collection that's both useful and beautiful.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Watches With Magnetite Grey Dials - by James Stacey Get more info on the Duomètre line at: "Unless you’re just now waking up from a coma, or have recently returned to civilization after an extended stay on a desert island, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre line isn’t new. Having been launched in 2007, the Duomètre is roughly as new a concept as the iPhone..."

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Watches With Magnetite Grey Dials Watch Releases

Sella Concept applies "cocoon of rich materials and colour" to offices

De Beauvoir Block Creative Workspaces in Hackney, London by Sella Concept

Cups from David's Tea, photographed by Erica Lea of Simple Days pretty photo styling

worl table tennis championships 2015 - UENISHI YURI WORKS

World Table Tennis Championship 2015 by Uenishi Yuri

"The Wood one" - Skateboard Furniture by @bakedroast. #skateboard #furniture

- Skateboard Furniture by Baked / Roast.

I Want To Believe by Nerd Scouts

I Want To Believe

arrowfolk: “nerd-scouts: “ I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with this badge. thank you so much for commissioning this baby! It has been challenging and fun and turned out absolutely.

Braun electrical - Audio - PCS 45 record player

Braun electrical Audio PCS 45 record player in Retro

Los Angeles-based electrician and artist Devin Ward breathes new life into eclectic, vintage radios, making them compatible with their modern day descendants: MP3 plays and iPhones. He removes all of the outdated circuitry, wiring and speakers from the radios and replaces them with high quality, modern components, as well an 1/8th” audio input jack so an iPhone can connected to it.

Modern Vintage: Devin Ward Renovated Radios looking for a working vintage radio for my sun room, any ideas?


Braun, I had one as my car radio with a special bracket!

Stanley Classic Flask. For a special someone I know who might find it appropriate.

Taking the old flask and giving it some style, Stanley Classic Flask

New 300 Series by Uniform Wares at Dezeen Watch Store

New 302 Series by Uniform Wares at Dezeen Watch Store


Experience the ultimate high-end sound thanks to the wireless Devialet Phantom speakers and the Expert Pro audiophile systems.