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an image of the inside of a cell phone with wires attached to it and two different pictures
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
DIY Coil iPhone Cable
a red and white light switch sitting on top of a table next to a lamp
This item is unavailable - Etsy
MINI Table or Desk lamp with USB charging station by BossLamps, $68.50
two black cell phones sitting on top of a glass table next to each other in front of a phone charger
New smartphone battery recharges in less than two minutes
Cell battery recharges completely in less than 2 minutes!
the toothbrush is being washed in the sink by the faucet and water running from it
Rinser Brush by Amron Experimental | Dezeen
world's most ingenious Toothbrush? Hole directs water from tap upwards like drinking fountain for easy rinsing ; )
three different types of electronic devices connected to each other
The Une Bobine Charging Cable/Stand Coils Its Way to Success - Core77
flexible, metal cable used in industrial light fixtures adapted for iPhone charging stand.
an iphone with a microphone attached to it's back end and the screen showing sound recording
Rode Ixy. Capturing high-quality audio with your iPhone or iPad without additional equipment is pretty much impossible. If you need to record crisp video voiceover, classic quotes from your buffoon of a boss, or even organize blackmail that will stand up to courtroom scrutiny, this 24-bit stereo microphone designed specifically for your iPhone & iPad is what you’ll want.
an image of a printer on the table with paper and pencils next to it
Printing With A Pencil Stub - Yanko Design
a printer that uses pencil. No more expensive ink, and its erasable!-This is so cool!
a woman laying in bed with an electronic device hooked up to her head and pointing at it
5 cool tablet accessories | AndroidPIT
Use a Monkey Tail to support your tablet while in bed.
a car dashboard with a gps device attached to it's holder in front of the mirror
A neat device that will hold your phone - no more glancing down and taking your eyes off the road, this helps your phone to function like a GPS and helps you get where you need to go. Wow finally
a close up of a speaker on a white surface with the headphones attached to it
Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 - Right Ear Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 - Right Ear: Cell Phones & Accessories
an image of three different cell phones with apple logo on them
The Perfectly Matched Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c | Gadgetsin
The Perfectly Matched Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c