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"I like to think of how Henry VIII would feel to see his daughter, not his son, lead an army against Spain, bring England into the New World and cultivate in her court the finest arts of the sixteenth century" <--- Queen E =

That kind of lux just ain't for us. Lorde and historical humor. Why can't our teacher teach us history through song.

One of the billions of reasons I chose to be a history major: amazing history jokes.

Elizabeth I, Queen of England. First cousin once removed, at least 3 lines, several generations back, was daughter of Anne Boleyn & Henry VIII, of England. (see our Cogburn-Poston ancestry chart) By Richard Burchett Oil on panel, 1850’s

A departure from the usual presentations of this queen -historysquee: Elizabeth I By Richard Burchett Oil on panel,

Elizabeth I Playing the Lute c. 1580 by Nicholas Hilliard

1576 Elizabeth I playing the lute by Nicolas Hilliard (Berkeley Castle - Berkeley, Gloucestershire, UK)