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a wooden crate sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of wood
Заготовки для декупажа. Днепропетровск
Ящик из фанеры
wooden toy animals are arranged on a white surface
ZOO (1969)
ZOO (1969) "Ten delightfully whimsical animals, cut from solid wood blocks, invite many kinds of play. They stand alone, and may be lined up to form a circus parade 3 feet long. They may be stacked in many amusing ways, or may be built skyward, one balancing on the other (not easy to do). And they may be crayoned, painted or decorated, if desired. They are a versatile menagerie!"
several pieces of cardboard cut out to look like animals
small gift for small people
milimbo cardboard toys
paper cut outs with owls on them and an owl design in the middle, along with two
Fazendo a Minha Festa - Moldes
two metal deer and moose wall plaques mounted on wood
Yeni tasarımlar yolda. Ahşabın ve metalin mümkün olduğunca ham hallerini kullanmak istedik. Yeni tasarımlar 4lü set halinde yayınlanacak. Şimdilik 2sini paylaşıyoruz. Umarım beğenirsiniz. ✏
two vases are shown with a cross in the middle
two vases and a cross are shown in this graphic art work, which depicts the same size as three smaller vases
Made from mdf - medium density fiberboard. Usually draped with a cloth covering as a side tanle.
an image of a pattern that is being used to make the design for a vase
Resultado de imagem para doll patterns free download
the font k is for candle holders with two candles on each side and one in the middle
Laser-Cut Tealight Candle Holder: A Romantic DIY Decor Idea
Plywood Candle Holder Laser Cutting Idea Files
three wooden sculptures with an egg in the middle
Negg Cup
This egg cup is made from laser-cut Birch-ply. It comes in two parts and is self assembled. Each piece contains a magnet so that they can be stored on the fridge when not being used. Each end is a different size to fit either a medium or large egg.
a wooden chess board with pieces cut out to look like people standing in the middle
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