Go Greek

I think they mean college Greek life here, but for now, it makes me think of Percy. :) Everything should be Greek!

Layers of importance

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The Island of Crete - See for yourself, feel for yourself (2min 30sec)

The Island of Crete, Greece - See for yourself, feel for yourself. A foreign tourist experiences the beauty of Crete and the warmth and optimism of its people, in contrast to the bleak picture painted by the news media.

Greece. The sea, Forever.

The sea, Forever. Peter Economides' campaign for Greece

▶ GREECE - The Heaven of this World - YouTube

▶ GREECE - The Heaven of this World - YouTube

Give Greece a chance

'Give Greece a Chance': Fine sentiment, elegantly expressed in this pan-European campaign.

Crete: See for yourself - YouTube

Official Crete Region Promotional Video 2013 Crete offers a huge variety of filming locations: snowy mountains, unspoiled beaches, Venetian ports and ancient monuments.

Crete: Incredible Beaches - YouTube

You may not believe it but all those nice places that appear in this video are in Crete!

Mythical Peloponnese

Welcome to Peloponnese! The area (also known as Moreas or Morias) is the largest peninsula in Greece and one of the nine geographic regions. A historic cradl.