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a collage of many different people with one man's face in the middle
a boy looking at his cell phone while sitting on a couch with the caption'when m & m post a new photo and write a whole text in norwegian and i can't
Marcus and Martinus
my edit (don't steal)
marcus and martinus are so fine oml
#marcusandmartinus #tiktok #unforgettable
Marcus and Martinus
#marcusandmartinus #marcusgunnarsen #martinusgunnarsen
a young man and woman sitting at a table with food in front of them, posing for the camera
Marcus & Emma Gunnarsen
#marcusgunnarsen #marcusandmartinus #emmagunnarsen
two young men standing next to each other in front of a window with their mouths open
Marcus and Martinus
New tiktok😂
the boy is smiling and making funny faces with his hand in front of him, while he
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some people with different expressions and words on them
two different pictures with the words, my your titanic't thanic
a man sitting on top of a blue mat in front of a gym equipment area
a young boy holding a white puppy in his arms
Martinus Gunnarsen