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Hell's Angels by @nailedit16 in Motives Nail Lacquers(Tuxedo & Exposed)! #Crystal #Wing #Comics

Pretty easy to do actually. Use a matte finish on the undercoat to make the gold feathers pop. I painted one nail purple with a single, large gold feather to off set the black/gold combo. Black/gold nails had small feathers. Love this design.


Libra's are good at "saving face", meaning they can have more turmoil going on in their lives than you can imagine, but guess what? They won't let you see them sweat.


I had a boyfriend once that did that and I just never replaced him, period. I had a boyfriend once that didn't call for a while to "give me something to think about". I replaced him in a snap!


how true of me I am not materialistic I hate clutter and excessivness I like nice things and will only purchase them if I really really want them.no excuses