Olga Sotiriadou

Olga Sotiriadou

Olga Sotiriadou
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White porcelain basin with a traditional royal blue Oriental pattern on the outside. Two grey and orange goldfish inside the bowl add a striking twist. This basin can be made with or without the fish detail inside.Diameter 41cm Height 15.5cm. Hand finished porcelain basin from the London Basin Company.

I am totally smitten by the beautiful basins of The London Basin Company, I recently discovered! Each of the porcelain basins are hand finished, using a range of techniques. They are all unique pieces of art, decorated with gorgeous designs. The London …

Multi-coloured porcelain basin with a contemporary Asian feel. The gold detail gives it a luxurious touch. A bold and colourful design. The basin height is shallower than the rest in our range and tapers at the top. Diameter 42cm Height 14cm Hand finished porcelain basin from the London Basin Company.

The London Basin Company creates unique and beautiful pieces of art. Each of our porcelain bathroom basins is hand finished using a range of techniques and decorated with designs that have inspired us from around the world.

Bitch, it's winter.  bluntcard.com

Bitch, It's Winter - considering all the snow we've got dumping on us in Illinois at the moment, I found this too funny!