Kerameikos Ancient Cemetary (Archaeology Site and Museum) Athens, Greece

Kerameikos Ancient Cemetery (Archaeology Site and Museum) Athens, Greece

Collection of ancient plinths in Kerameikos, Athens, Greece.

Kerameikos is the site of the cemetery of ancient Athens. It's a quite place after the noise and crowds of Athens, and well worth a visit.

Kerameikos CEMETARY Athens

Keramikos (Greek: Κεραμεικός) is an area of Athens, Greece, located to the northwest of the Acropolis. Amazing pieces lying around

The Kerameikos, Greece

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Kerameikos, Athens I did a research thesis here. :)

Kerameikos, Athens I did a research thesis here.

In the Shadow of the Acropolis: Kerameikos

When it comes to historic sites, there's always been a staple list of stunning wonders. From Pisa's leaning tower to The Acropolis of Athens, tourists ma.

kerameikos - paperporcelain  [rolled paper]

siba sahabi presents 'kerameikos' at two seperate galleries in amsterdam and and arnhem: galerie plaatsmaken and galerie ra.

nori plan

Drama school for immigrants, Athens

city wall

city wall