Hermoupoli, Syros island
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la bottega di amrita -----> catalogo e ispirazioni

This picture reminded me of stories my mom used to tell me about her dad. Her father was a chain smoker so they would take his cigarettes and write messages so he would quit smoking, they would include little paper hearts in the box. He eventually quit.

i want and i like guys to bite me like this.  so far there were only 2 guys who had done this to me, yet they were not my ex.

“togetherbehindcloseddoors: “❤️ ” My Baby first captured my soul at an innocent age. We kissed goodbye and travelled different paths through life. I always knew if life presented me the.

Full of joy

this image looks as if the woman in the picture had been through many hardships but still manages to smile in the end What a wonderful subject; I'm sure SHE has stories to tell. Laughing Witch by Jason Matthew Tye, via