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Orchestra jokes never get old. Confession: I totally recognized the violin sheet music on sight.<<< I actually don't think it unusual to have notes in my tuba music bc I used to play trumpet

Music Bird Tattoo - forte, slur, crescendo, fermata, and sharp symbol

Band geeks only>>um I understand it and I'm a choir kid sooo.yeah<------ me too and I'm an orchestra kid<------ band kids aren't the only musicians. I'm an orchestra kid as well sooo.

I swear some composers just like to troll

"I swear some composers just like to troll". I mean, dynamics are relative. that relative though? Would be interested to see whole piece.

Whoever this is they just became my hero.

Music always comes with the weirdest analogies. Once my band teacher told us we sound like over cooked oatmeal. << I've had piano solos in jazz band called "tasty" and our percussion section sound like popcorn. music is a fun cult