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♔ Sport is not only a superiority of physical ability. Cognition and moral help in this work. Strong people with shorter intelligence and understanding cannot…
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Satsuki Fujisawa of Japan during the match against China (which they lost) on day 4.

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#Cyclist smiles what about how? Crispy. crispy. Crispy

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Perfect activity  #ballet #dancers
#Ballet #dancers show perfect activation.

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Perfect activity ,#longjump
Super activityasyon

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Tailblock. #thepursuitofprogression #Lufelive #Snowboard #Snowboarding #NY #LA

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#Tennis games
#Tennis games
a woman running with a tennis racket in her hand
Tennis Racket String Tension: Optimize Your Game
a female tennis player is running with her racket in the air as she prepares to hit the ball
three women are doing yoga on their stomachs
A Pilates instructor reveals the five exercises people love to hate and explains how to enjoy them
#tennis #camila giorgi Tennis Trophy, Camila Giorgi, Lawn Tennis, Vintage Tennis, Smart Auto, Tennis Ball, Wimbledon, Happybirthday
#tennis #camila giorgi
a woman swinging a tennis racquet at a ball on the court during a match
Camila Giorgi Photos and Premium High Res Pictures
a woman doing yoga poses on a mat
Pilates instructor recommends these 5 moves to undo the damage of sitting at a desk all day
a female tennis player in action on the court
a woman holding a tennis racquet on top of a tennis court in front of a blue wall